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Some moralists, according to Deleuze, create the ‘Good’ by aiming for a repetition that is not a ‘law of nature but a law of duty’ (p4). Deleuze finds this an unacceptable definition of repetition as it still leaves us within the realms of generality, and, if we remember, repetition is not generality.

In other words, ‘we’ create principles, such as, for example, do not kill, that can (and ought) to be repeated as a duty. The reason repeating principles is a generality is it is acquiring a habit. In addition, this form of repetition bring us back to resemblance and equivalence, the two concepts Deleuze does not want to associate with his definition of repetition.

Deleuze begins by stating that ‘repetition is not generality’ and the two need distinguished.

In defining generality Deleuze claims it has two major orders, ‘the qualitative order of resemblances and quantitative order of equivalences’ (p1).In other words, the fall of the Bastille was a unique and singular event, and not in the order of generality.It is from here Deleuze provides his differentiation between Generality and Repetition: After the definitions of generality and repetition Deleuze then proceeds to associate generality with the orders of the laws, and consider the phenomenon of scientific experimentation.It figures from this definition that repetition needs to avoid resemblances and equivalences.