Updating records letter

05-Jan-2018 10:10

Generally, State Securities Regulators supported the rules as reproposed, but suggested some minor changes.While broker-dealers generally supported the Commission's efforts to adopt uniform books and records rules, they opposed various sections of the reproposed rules.The Commission clarified that the identity of the associated person responsible for the account must be included only if the broker-dealer assigns to an associated person responsibility for certain accounts.This modification was made in response to broker-dealer comment letters that noted some firms do not assign a particular associated person to each account, and some firms allow customers to enter orders directly into a broker-dealer's systems, such as through an on-line trading account. Action: Final rule; Request for Comments on Paperwork Reduction Act Burden Estimate.Summary: The Securities and Exchange Commission today is adopting amendments to its broker-dealer books and records rules.

An important aspect of the amendments is that broker-dealers are required to produce records at offices within a State.You should contact Disclosure Scotland if you want to leave the scheme.Before they close your account, Disclosure Scotland will confirm you've stopped regulated work with any employers listed on it as an 'interested party'.This means that Disclosure Scotland can contact you quickly if needed and information is sent to the right place.