Updating old chandeliers

05-Feb-2017 01:25

It makes the whole thing look classic, but updated at the same time – at least in our humble what-the-heck-do-we-know opinion.

updating old chandeliers-29

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That’s right, we’ve got the blues, but we’re far from sad about our “new” light fixture in the office. Our office was originally our house’s formal dining room, hence the whole formal dining room fixture feel.Because she needed to spray it while hanging (for the most easy-access) we decided to use the basement (with the door open and an equally-as-sexy-as-the-socks gas mask) where we could hang it from the ceiling and surround it with a drop cloth.…but after going for the indigo we were immediately happy with the choice.They kinda messed with the original curves of the chandelier – ya know? Sherry was able to pry off half of it without a problem – just a little flick of the screw driver while steadying the “legs” so it didn’t tweak the shade. We tried lots of tools, but it was requiring so much force that we started to get nervous about damaging the shape of the whole shade. Sherry was kind enough to photograph me looking like a sawing superhero, but it was actually she who did most of the sawing. They needed to be stabilized by something, and that something needed to somehow fit onto our chandelier.