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We will also pay special attention to the NIS map, a confusing but nevertheless important part of the overall picture.Table 3-2 lists the most common files managed by NIS.Not all vendors use NIS for all of these files, so it is best to check your documentation It's now time to face up to some distortions we've been making for the sake of simplicity.We've assumed that there's a one-to-one correspondence between files and maps.TIP: The default files and NIS integration will have your clients getting hostname and address information from NIS.Since you will likely have DNS running, you will find it better to get host informaton from DNS.

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You then add in entries that are valid only on the local host -- for example, a user with an account on only one machine -- and then integrate NIS services by adding special entries that refer to the NIS map files.

If an entry in the triple is left blank, that field becomes a wildcard.