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One must remain calm, be patient, and let the jungle come to one.The experience is not only predicated on sightings of megafauna, but taking in the beauty and magic of the ecosystem itself.If you do spot one you may think its asleep, as even when they are awake they barely move.During the night you may see more activity from these mammals, who tend to eat fruit, leaves and shoots during the night.Listen to leaves rustling in the trees and you may just see a monkey.Your Amazon cruise guide will help you spot 3-toed sloths, snakes, caiman, pink river dolphins and other unique Amazonian wildlife.It mostly preys on catfish, piranha, birds, turtles, and capybaras and has big eyes, a narrow snout, and therefore excellent sight and hearing abilities.

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Home to the largest tropical Rainforest on Earth, the Amazon Rainforest has the most vibrant and exotic wildlife in the world.They usually live in groups of 10-70, but have been spotted in groups as big as 300!Tree-dwelling squirrel monkeys are mostly shy creatures, that are actually mostly silent.You will be able to spot the three-toed spot by counting the number of toes it has, you may also see a two-toed sloth so get counting!

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Found in the treetops of the Amazon Rainforest, these lazy creatures prefer to spend their days hanging by their powerful claws from a tree branch, often sleeping.The truth is that the Amazon is a habitat and animals often disguise themselves for protection from predators.In order to spot wildlife, you need to be very quiet and use each of your senses.They do sometimes squeak, and will shriek loudly if they are danger.

Sep 7, 2017. Charged by a rhino, stalked by a shark and cornered by crocodiles – just a normal day at the office for intrepid explorers. In the event of being stared down by a lion, most of us would probably just faint – or run. Those are probably two of the worst things you can do. So how should you react? Telegraph.… continue reading »

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May 18, 2016. Jungle Animal Hospital. Scarlet Macaws Released to the Wild. Premiere date May 18, 2016. Scarlet macaws raised in a wildlife rescue center are released from the top of a hill over-looking the Guatemalan jungle. The hope is that they'll find food straightaway, and join up with members of the wild.… continue reading »

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TERRA BY BATTATTM collectibles feature exquisite detail and captivating design. Hand painted original characters are available in all your favorite categories sea life, farm animals, horses, wild animals, dinosaurs, goblins, dragons, and warriors with legends to share. *This set contains jungle animals only. Number of.… continue reading »

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If you focus on any one spot in a jungle, chances are you'll see something crawling, slithering, slinking, flying or walking. Jungles are vibrant and alive, which helps when you're foraging for food. But that life can also be deadly. Here are just a few things in the jungle that can make you ill or kill you. Poisonous plants Plant.… continue reading »

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