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Awtho the oreegin o the name is uncertain, the first twa syllables are thocht tae be frae "yeongdeung" (靈登) or "divine ascent", a shamanic rite. Thare are 22 admeenistrative "dong" an 34 legal "dong".

The third syllable is "po", representin watter (浦), referrin tae the destrict's poseetion on the Han River. Yeouido Dong is the lairgest in aurie an takes aboot 34% o the laund.

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Yeongdeungpo-gu is an admeenistrative destrict in soothwast Seoul, Sooth Korea.The emblem, foond at maist offeecial biggins, depicts the snawy heron soarin intae the sky.Dongjak is hame tae some KOSPI200 companies, includin Nongshim, Honam Petrochemical, an Yuhan. supporters of fi p H pj Tmrrfft cfria y o Tgued that the INS post- «n, Tt Jw gao Bnes S Was not enough. ' like to have my minisliy back if the people want us back." Bauer said. I dream of building ano t h e r city, maybe in Califomia.

The design of the comedy altogether is to point out to the married part of the female sex, how much unhappiness they frequently create to themselves, by neglecting, after marriage, to make use of the same arts, the. The face of the shore offecs to the view a wall of massive stone; ten times higher than our taWest.steeples.… continue reading »

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May 29, 1987. teOg^n, national origin, sSSrstliioini. cnar^ status, sex.aridi'ctrbana^^ ST. ANTHONY AP — The Idaho. Patients al clinics thaXJrcat sex- ually transmiltcddiscascs. Reagan was present at the disc^- sion. ON MOVE * "Eyes or A SbwaY- lOat, Srapenae Lauren Tawest. Timos-Nen. Twin Falla, Idalto^.… continue reading »

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The pairk haes a lairge joggin track an aw, wirkoot equipment, a rock climbin waw, skeitch pairk, basketbaw courts, badminton courts, tennis courts, playgrunds, an Boramae Buddhist Temple. A Buy-the-Way sits in the centre o the pairk. Built in 2002, the Boramae Chereville is the 14t tawest biggin in Seoul an staunds on.… continue reading »

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Unto the woman, which was the next instrument of this tin, God said, I will greatly incrca;^ those sorrows, which are pro- per to thy sex, and those especially, which. \o And /tbimelech said wito Abraham^ IV hat tawest thou, thai thou hiist done this thing / Wttflt motive didtit tliou raise unto thyself, from any lightness in tne.… continue reading »

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William and James. tawest nfrrtM HUSH. "Come, cheer up, Jack, Bhe's false, I know, like the rest of her sex i" one cried — "Tei mc n woman on earth who's true I" Then tearfully Jack replied CHORUS "There Is one, only one, yon can trust her with your life ; There Is one, only one, not your sweetheart or your wife ; Sun.… continue reading »

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