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In the fall of 2014, he debuted as the host of Hockey Night in Canada.

Since his appointment in 2011, George has committed himself to the World Food Program as a National Ambassador.

Before this show, I think it was easy to imagine hockey wives as these rich, very tan women who sit around and wait for their husbands to come home. The show ended up being pretty entertaining – and we learned some inside info about the league itself. I realized something kind of funny in this last episode – I was hard on the wives at first, but women in sports media face a lot of the same problems. They think we got there through our looks or by accident. We are just there to support the men and fill a quota.

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In our latest instalment of an occasional series called Unproductive Conversations, Erin Valois, National Post’s executive producer of digital, and Kaitlyn Mc Grath, a digital editor in the Post’s sports department, talk about this week’s show.[np_storybar title=”Talking Hockey Wives: Marriage, weddings and will Montreal Canadiens’ Brandon Prust ever propose? Kodette La Barbera is so good at spreading the message of autism awareness, she is talking about it WHILE GETTING A TATTOO IN HONOUR OF AUTISM AWARENESS. Brandon Prust’s girlfriend Maripier breaks down the fourth wall a little with discussions about how she wants to dominate the world of English television. A lot of the show has been about how kooky and zany Ryan Miller’s wife Noureen is as she prepares for their baby. She went on a rant about how her perfect birthing situation would be to give birth on a beach without any fluids or blood. Let’s just make a show about women drinking wine and talking about their cats. Tiffany finally gets her moment in the spotlight with her pop-up store in Toronto (and resulting party).

He is a big media name — even more so now with — so it was wise for MP to make a good impression with him.