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05-Feb-2017 10:13

You should also check that any third-party applications that may have been erroneously detected as Shh/Updater-B are restored.Unable to create: The running command stopped because the preference variable "Error Action Preference" or common parameter is set to Stop: Hyper-V encountered an error trying to access an object on computer 'MYCOMPUTERNAME' because the object was not found. Verify that the Virtual Machine Management service on the computer is running. I decided to enable Hyper-V to see if the same problem occurred, and it didn't.This procedure is only for the items that must be specifically configured for Endpoint Protection.For more information about the Create Automatic Deployment Rule Wizard, see Operations and Maintenance for Software Updates in Configuration Manager.This update method can be useful if there is a problem with your Configuration Manager infrastructure that prevents the delivery of updates.You can manually download the latest definition updates from Microsoft and then configure clients to download these definitions from a shared folder on the network. I have another Surface Pro...exact same model..which I'd never enabled Hyper-V and which I also updated to 1709 this morning.

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To maximize performance on your WSUS server and client computers, decline old definition updates.Please double check your SAV policy under cleanup; You want to ensure your secondary option (when cleanup is not available or does not work) to be set to ‘deny access’ and not delete or move.Once the detections have stopped, you can acknowledge the alerts in the Console, this way you can see who is still reporting it, and confirm it is trending down.If you use WSUS to keep your antimalware definitions up to date, you can configure it to auto-approve definition updates.

Although using Configuration Manager software updates is the recommended method to keep definitions up to date, you can also configure WSUS as a method to allow users to manually initiate definition updated.Before you begin to create automatic deployment rules, make sure that you have configured Configuration Manager software updates.For more information, see Software Updates in Configuration Manager.If you have Live Protection enabled, you should stop seeing these detections as the files are now marked “clean” in the cloud.

Sophos Advisory Shh Updater-B False. Sophos Update Manager. to re-protect these endpoints as certain Sophos binaries required for updating may have.… continue reading »

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The automatic update of sophos is not. Manager Kerio. Report. from 2 of our other users calendars Sophos has stopped updating and is reporting the internet.… continue reading »

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Once the detections have stopped. Given Sophos and Naked Security get on the high horse. messed up because the false positive Deleted the Sophos update files.… continue reading »

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Windows questions & answers. Sophos not working and Windows not Updating… continue reading »

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Endpoint Security and Control version 10.0. desktop message is displayed when Sophos Anti-Virus starts to update. support updating.… continue reading »

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