Silverlight treeviewitem not updating

23-Jul-2017 20:07

If I add or remove person object from the Observable Collection I will be able to see the changes in my Tree View also.

Here Person object has only one string property Full Name Now if I click on Change Name button, which simply renames the selected Person, I will not be able to see the change in my Tree View. 339&parid=root Have a look at this solution as well View Source_without_Refresh_for_Faster_Filtering_in_Silverlight Hope it helps.

When it comes to binding some interface part’s (like columns, menus) things get pretty ugly.

In this part I’m going to discuss what approaches and solutions we can use to overcome data binding limitations we have faced in Part I.

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And as we can clearly see from our efforts Silverlight’s (and WPF’s) controls are not very good in dynamic programming with MVVM pattern.Let’s start by designing our View in XAML, we will not bother about Tool Bar, Main Menu, Status Bar for now, first we should create our skeleton – Tree View and Data Grid. Data Grid: we need items, selected items, current item (the one that has focus when multiple item’s selected), and columns. Columns: Let’s see Columns definition in Data Grid – it’s that’s it, executing it to make sure it works.. But there is no such property in Data Grid, but there are 2 candidates for such functionality it is Current Cell Changed event (but no Current Cell property so this is unbindable), and there is Selected Item property which is easy bindable because it’s read|write Dependency Property.Our Main View code-behind will look like this: xmlns=" xmlns:x=" xmlns:d=" xmlns:mc=" mc: Ignorable="d" d: Design Height="500" d: Design Width="800" xmlns:sdk=" is ignored, not a problem we can add Category. To be able to see data(rows) in Data Grid we first need to add column’s, so let’s start from columns. And according to MSDN it will contain the current row if multiple rows selected (or last index row if current row is not among the selected rows) so it will do the job. Arghhh this is really getting annoying, all right let’s leave it for now.We have created working View Model which represents our abstract UI with UI logic. Active Plant: Our Data Grid support’s multi selection, so the user can select many rows and delete them for example.

Now it’s time to create our View and wire it to View Model. Active Category: Ummm there is no intellisense when we type Selected Item in XAML, that’s because it is a Read Only property, and there is no simple and clean way to wire it, all right let’s leave it for now and move on. What about when the user decides to do edit operation, well for such case there is a current row or focused row in Data Grid, there can be only one current row at a time.

And probably you all read books about XAML, WPF, Silverlight where author’s on super simplified examples show how it is easy to bind this to that – 2 minutes and the job is done.