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While instances of criminal activity on campus have been infrequent, Sterling College is not immune to the criminal elements that affect society.The College benefits from a community whose members truly care about one another.Keys are provided to each resident for access to his/her room and residence hall.Staff are available in the residence halls through the evening hours in case of emergency.

The possession, use, sale, distribution, or manufacture of alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco is prohibited on campus and at all College sponsored activities. -17) that Sterling College stands categorically opposed to any type of violence or oppression by one individual toward another.

But when officers arrived at their home in Alta Vista, Iowa, they quickly realized that was not the case.

According to the Kansas City Star, they found Sterling dead in his swing, and his little body was covered in maggots.

For non-emergency matters, contact the Student Life Office or the Residence Life staff member on duty as posted in each residence hall. Tornado: In the event of a tornado warning (the city warning siren will sound continuously), move immediately to an approved tornado shelter.

Each building has the approved location diagrammed on bulletin boards throughout the building. Each time the warning siren sounds, a tornado has been sighted and indicates a need to take cover immediately.

Call 911 to report the fire and then evacuate the building immediately. Inform the fire fighters of persons trapped in the building then stay out of the way of the work.