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17-Nov-2017 09:47

A Human Rights Watch report released in September calls for narrowing the scope and duration of sex-offender registration and eliminating online registries and residency restrictions.A meta-analysis of more than 400 studies, presented to the Legislature this session, indicates that just 10% to 15% of registered sex offenders are at high risk of re-offending."My last victim, she was 12 years old and she was -- this is very hard for me, okay?-- I fondled her breast and asked her if she liked it," he explains.Rochester Mukwonago, WI 53149Business Hours: MWTHF a-p, Tues -7pm or by after hours hotline can be reached at 262-844-7658Services Provided: Free Pregnancy Tests, We do Free Ultrasound per Sonya's Law and offer reduced rates on 3D & 4D Ultrasound, Abortion Information, Options Counseling, Adoption specialist, Pregnancy support, Material Aid, STD/STI info and testing, Medical and other referrals, Miscarriage support, Child and Infant loss, Post abortion care, Parenting and pregnancy classes. Some articles, including this one, are now readable for subscribers only.Most of the others, the study suggests, are victims of knee-jerk politics.

When their mandatory release date nears, steps are taken to plug them into the state's monitoring system.More punitively, legislation requiring sex offenders to adorn their cars with green license plates that identify them as such was part of the budget bill passed by the GOP-controlled Assembly.It was ultimately removed from the bill but has already been introduced as stand-alone legislation.Besides expected prohibitions against contact with minors, consuming alcohol and using the Internet, restrictions are placed on their dress (no jeans with holes, for example) and their sex lives.

Consensual adult sex must be pre-approved by an offender's agent, who must screen and conduct a background check on any potential partner.

Agents often add to this list of restrictions based on an offender's criminal history.