Radiocarbon dating pitfalls

14-Feb-2017 19:16

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"What I have seen does not appear to be Norse, and my colleagues think similarly," he said.Nanook The Vikings also may have settled, at least for a bit, in Nanook on Baffin Island.Archaeologists say that these "pitfalls," which have been known to exist near the town, would have been used to trap large animals, such as caribou.

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These finds, the researchers say, suggest that Vikings may have used the site, though more dating information and excavation are needed to confirm that idea, they said.Researchers recently discovered the remains of a building that may have been constructed by the Vikings and artifacts that may have been used in metalworking.Among the artifacts was a stone crucible that may "represent the earliest evidence of high-temperature nonferrous metalworking in the New World north of Mesoamerica," wrote a team of archaeologists in a paper published in 2014 in the journal Geoarchaeology.Others think that Newfoundland is Vinland and that the "grapes" could refer to wild berries, which are found in abundance in Newfoundland.

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