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The lawyer for a London police officer charged with sexual assault says his client hasn't been convicted of anything and slammed the complainant and her lawyer for inferring he's a public safety risk.

London lawyer Glen Donald said Saturday that Const.

It gives one a first impression of who this fellow actually is.

I have mentioned that I personally found that hard to do on my own profile, but finally came up with a description of who I am and what I like doing that seemed to describe me fairly well.

The Crown in the London case requested a publication ban in the case that covers anything that might identify the complaint.

Part of Williams' release conditions state he is to stay away from her place of employment, a medical consulting group.

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She said Williams told her he had several girlfriends. The complainant said Williams' name needed to be out in the community “for other women to know.” Donald on Saturday criticized lawyer Phillip Millar, who formerly employed the complainant. Millar, who attended the interview with the Free Press with the complainant, said Williams' name should have been publicized by the police department because “the first priority has to go to protection of the public.” Donald said he expects that all the decisions made in the case, including the one to withhold the police officer's name, “would have focused on protection of the public.” Donald, who has handled dozens of cases involving police officers charged with criminal offences, said he expects Williams' case is being properly scrutinized.

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The charge stems from an alleged off-duty incident on Nov. “In my experience, cases involving police officers are amongst the most vigorously prosecuted cases in this province and the public ought to have great confidence in the results (obtained) during the criminal justice process,” he said. Williams has faith in the truth-seeking function of our system, and it is there, not through the media, where he will mount his defence to the allegations that have been made against him.” Along with the London charge, Williams has been charged in Waterloo Region with two counts of criminal harassment, being unlawfully in a dwelling house and making a harassing phone call.

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