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Using ornithogenic sediments at Cape Bird, Ross Island, Antarctica, we inferred relative population changes of Adélie penguins in the southern Ross Sea over the past 500 yr, and observed an increase in penguin populations during the Little Ice Age (LIA; 1500–1850 AD).We used cadmium content in ancient penguin guano as a proxy of ocean upwelling and identified a close linkage between penguin dynamics and atmospheric circulation and oceanic conditions.

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DNA, RNA etc., may cause them to cease functioning, die or prevent from reproduction – Ionization of surrounding medium may interfere with complex chemical reactions e.g.

The Adélie penguin is a well-known indicator for climate and environmental changes.

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Oceanographic mechanisms and penguin population increases during the Little Ice Age in the southern Ross Sea, Antarctica… continue reading »

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We report the oldest geological record of penguin colonization in East Antarctica. • We deduce the deglaciation date, which is earlier than previous records, at the.… continue reading »

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