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The substitute network, derived from user-generated suggestions for modifications, can be decomposed into many communities of functionally equivalent ingredients, and captures users' preference for healthier variants of a recipe.

Our experiments reveal that recipe ratings can be well predicted with features derived from combinations of ingredient networks and nutrition information.

The resulting online recipe collections are repositories of ingredient combinations and cooking methods whose large-scale and variety yield interesting insights about both the fundamentals of cooking and user preferences.

At the level of an individual ingredient we measure whether it tends to be essential or can be dropped or added, and whether its quantity can be modified.

During your residency, you will build lasting connections within our vast network of curators, gallerists, critics, artists, and scholars.

We will organize weekly individual studio visits (see guest visitors) -In addition, you will be part of our programming.

For the purposes of the artists and curators, it suits the following: -Non-studio-based artistic and curatorial projects (*); -Discussions, workshops, studio visits, and informal gatherings; -Public presentations with screenings, talks, performances, and short-term exhibitions.

(*) Should you require a designated studio during your time in residency, we will help you secure an affordable space that suits your needs.

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The complement network captures which ingredients tend to co-occur frequently, and is composed of two large communities: one savory, the other sweet.RU will provide: We believe a successful residency begins before your arrival, and we begin our preparations well in advance.Before you arrive to New York, we will: -Reach out to the individuals and organizations in our network whose interests best align with your project; -Make arrangements for studio visits and other activities that will maximize your exposure while in New York; -Help you find accommodation and, if necessary, a studio space; -Mobilize research, logistics, and other resources you will need during your time in residency.Season 9 of sees 13 queens competing for the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar, including Trinity Taylor — who won the title of Miss Pulse in 2011 at the Orlando nightclub — and London-based performer Charlie Hides.