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16-Feb-2018 04:12

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Hello Spiceworks, A friend of mine has a problem with his PS3 Slim 160 GB version.

More precisely the console is stuck in the firmware update procedure and at 50% of the update, the console shows the following error code: 8002F1F9 I have personally updated the console firmware, due to the fact the he said that the console can't connect to WIFI hotspots and the controllers can't stay sync with the console without a cable.

apparently formatting to fat32 in win7 is a challenge now. So painful how there is so little documentation on this.

Anyway, I need to find a usb drive to try to load the update onto to see if I can load it there... I'll do a write up soon for the random folks that get this same error and hit this page via google.

I've tried pulling out the hard drive and trying to get to safe mode and doing the same and trying to get the update to initialize, but I still get the error code.

And now, I'm in the process of formatting the hard drive to fat32 on my pc and will throw it back in and repeat the safe mode attempts, etc.

Your Play Station 3 console's Blu-Ray Drive was not found or disconnected. 1) Call Sony and see if it is still within warranty.

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About to usb flash to 3.40 and see if my pain goes on. Anyway, I think my system is now back to exactly where my problems started again. But I think I can get it back to version 3.30 without much more of a hassle. I thought I was completely screwed here too, but at least got back to having a functional ps3 instead of a brick.This will change your CFW (Custom Firmware) to a (Modified Firmware).You can remove the Blu-Ray drive portion of the update PUP file to get around this error number. Of course, you will need to pull out the PS3 hard drive and put it in to your computer to format it to get out of the update loop and boot in to safe mode on your PS3 to give it another PUP update file.2) Open your console, and you will see a ribbon cable beneath your power supply that connects to your Blu-ray drive.

An update to the PlayStation 3 system software was released on 14th November 2017. If you update your PS3 system, the system software version will be 4.82 and the following features will be updated. In order to download PS3 system software version 4.82, you will need a minimum 200MB of free space on either the PS3.… continue reading »

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Nov 14, 2017. Hi folks System Software version 4.82 for the PlayStation 3 has been released today. This is a mandatory update that improves system performance To.… continue reading »

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