Interracial dating advice for black women

18-May-2017 19:16

Black women marry across class lines, but not race lines.

They marry down but not out.” Yes, the rules in the dating market have changed for Black people over the past several decades, but they’ve shifted for everyone.

Blanks (who by the way is married to a Black woman with multiple college degrees) continues “More than half of married black women who have graduated from college have a less-educated husband who did not.

Yet despite the shortage of black male peers, black women do not marry men of other races.

Maybe these marriages fare better because many who are willing to cross the color line have a mindset that is more flexible and open minded, qualities that are essential to the success of a long-term union?

For the record, I’m not anti-interracial relationships; however, I am against "solutions" that villainize Black men and victimize Black women while simultaneously deifying White men.

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Just because you were raised in a family of women, or that you’ve slept with so many of us that you could start a national sorority comprised of your sexual conquests, doesn’t make you qualified to tell me how to increase my chances of getting married.Isn’t it time that we stop uplifting the White man as savior?I can’t say what the answer is to the “Black Female Thunderbolt Phenomenon”, but if you find that if you’re regularly having problems in your relationships with Black men, dating a White one won’t guarantee that you’ll get a different outcome.What began as a murmur of Black women’s character defects, sociologically based theory and statistical data has grown into a steady roar about our supposed lack of desirability.

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