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This is typically shown on a web page provided by a built-in web server on the ESP8266 device, or by debug output on the serial port.

But how about when you are dealing with battery powered devices which spend the vast majority of their time in deep sleep?

Every time you are ready to release, increase this version number by whatever convention you choose, for example a simple increase by one each time, or a more complex rule based on the current date and an increasing build number.

Compile the sketch (Ctrl R) and then export the binary.

In my enviroment, I use a 32-bit integer to identify the build number.

Not because I believe I will have to release more than 65,536 firmware versions, but because that gives me more flexibility in how I format the build numbers, for example by representing build dates directly in the number.

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By itself, this is less than the background noise in the energy readings, so I would not be too concerned with additional power consumption caused by the firmware updates.(Ctrl Alt S) Exporting the binary will generate an image file into the same folder your sketch is in.The actual name will depend on the particular board you are compiling for.For example, if you do larger production runs, you could use a device model number as the base for your firmware image naming convention instead.