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18-Mar-2017 19:14

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He's such an amazing person and being able to -- we understood each other's minds because we both came from the same background. (Laughs) I'm a huge animal lover and I definitely would like to have a bird.So we understood how we both approached movement, and we got to learn from each other a lot. And then, I want to help my mom out because she's given so much to me, and I really want to give back to her.That's a partnership I really hope will continue after the show.

And then to be able to have such an experience with him, it's incredible.

In an interview shortly thereafter, Lythgoe hinted at a format where each week's episode is ended with the revelation of the bottom three couples (based on the votes from the previous week) but after all dancers had performed the new week's routines, giving the judges an additional routine to take into account when deciding which dancers (from amongst the bottom three couples) to save and which to send home for that week.

This contrasts with the season one format where judges would nominate a bottom three couples and home viewers would vote out two dancers, the results being pre-taped and shown at the beginning of the next week's episode.

Reality TV World: You seemed absolutely ecstatic once host Cat Deeley announced you were the female winner of the competition.

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Was your reaction one of just pure joy or was it one of shock?

So since you were his partner, that seems like it might've worked in your benefit from the fans standpoint but also that it might've held you back a little bit in terms of choreography. Do you think they sort of had to dumb down the choreography a bit at times to bring out his strengths in your routines -- and maybe therefore you weren't able to show off everything you could do? He worked so hard because he knew what he was getting himself into and he wanted to work to get on the same caliber, because he doesn't have the years of experience and technique that we do.

Sep 19, 2012. Eliana Girard dishes on her So You Think You Can Dance victory and overall experience -- including why having Cyrus Spencer as a partner had hindered her a bit. Reality TV World How did being paired with Alex Wong afterwards affect your dancing or change you as a dancer in general? Eliana.… continue reading »

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Aug 22, 2012. A simply amazing contemporary piece by Stacey Tookey Danced by Eliana Girard and Alex Wong Song Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down by Nancy Sinatra Hey guys.… continue reading »

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Hampton "The Exorcist" Williams and Darlesha Goggans - Audition - So You Think You Can Dance 2013 -- Performed with his girlfriend and daughter this time. All-star dancer Alex Wong and top 10 contestant Eliana Girard perform a Contemporary routine to "Bang Bang" choreographed by Stacey Tookey on SO YOU.… continue reading »

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