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22-Jan-2018 20:01

Just Energy, a world leading company in renewable energy and green living, has ranked the state of Hawaii the number three location for eco-friendly singles in search of love.

The Just Energy team pulled data on each state’s singles per capita, creating a ranked list.

Climate change driven by increasing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide will not just damage the health of the planet.

A UK scientist now warns that it will also make life increasingly difficult for archaeologists, forensic scientists, art experts, fraud and forgery detectives, and people who detect ivory poachers.

The rankings also take into consideration how “green friendly” each state’s “dating atmospheres” are.

This includes the number of Electric Vehicle charging stations and how many vegetarian restaurants there are.

Alaska, despite having the most coastline and the highest well-being scores, came in second to last for green-dating.

The data also correlates with online green dating trends from Green and the Conscious Dating Network.

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“Given current emissions trends, fossil fuel emission-driven artificial ‘ageing’ of the atmosphere is likely to occur much faster and with a larger magnitude than previously expected,” Dr Graven concludes.

Oregon topped the rankings with 1.57 single-person households (by million), 118.8 EV stations per 1 million people, 41.4 vegan/vegetarian restaurants per 1 million people, and a 62.1 (out of 100) well-being index score.

The worst state in the nation is Wyoming, coming in at 51 (DC was included; it took spot two.) with only 0.22 single-person households, 64.5 EV stations, 8.7 restaurants, and no data available for their well-being index score.

With more progressive populations and plenty of earth-friendly date options, nine of the top ten states in the country were coastal.

The singles ready to mingle live in Oregon, DC, Hawaii, Washington, New York, Maine, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada (the only outlier), and California.

But if, on the other hand, the world’s governments do move swiftly to curb fossil fuel emissions, then by 2050 a brand-new cotton shirt will seem only 100 years old.

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