Debunk 8 dating myths

01-Jan-2017 14:05

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However, we both agreed that if balance is not supplemented with each person complimenting the other, then it might not be the ideal situation. “Never go to bed angry.” “The less arguments you have, the healthier the relationship.” We all have our difficult days and not everything can be resolved with a magic wand.

Issues, feelings, and disagreements need to communicated and need to be talked through.

It may be helpful to consider what the common connections are within the relationship — do they all rely on physical attraction or even everyday, fun activities? If there is little to no mental or emotional connection, then maybe that’s where the relationship should be enhanced (if possible).

I had a conversation with one of my girlfriends recently regarding opposites.

It takes a large dose of self-awareness, acceptance, and then willingness to take steps towards change.

“As Marilyn Ferguson observed, ‘ No one can persuade another to change.

It may be helpful to communicate that you need space and then you can both agree to check back with each other at a certain time. “He/She doesn’t appreciate me.” “If you love me, you should know what I want.” This myth is one mentioned by Nathan Feiles, LCSW and psychotherapist who specializes in relationship issues.

We discussed how balance is important in a relationship.

For example, with “opposites” one person may be a bit outgoing and loud, yet the other might be more reserved.

A relationship built on one or both people presenting their “false selves” in order to be viewed in a “perfect” light makes for a very poor outcome. You may find a more mature love in a second marriage.

A healthy relationship is one that encourages both parties to be their best and truest selves, flaws and all. Unfortunately, we often have expectations that merely have roots in a movie or book. The best fit and compliment for you may be the person you least expect.

He explained to me that the assumption of one person not appreciating the other “causes a lot of problems and is usually due to a lack of positive communication more so than actually reflecting reality.” Nathan recently wrote an article on the toxicity of expectations of mind-reading — you can also read more at his blog Relationships in Balance. We know your inbox is busy, so we feel honored that you'd like to include us in your email life.

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