Dating someone with an ostomy

10-Jul-2017 08:31

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James has also developed technical alterations to the colostomy bag, including a manual vent that can release gas to prevent ballooning underneath clothing, and a redesign that enables the bag to fill without bulging outwards.

Howard Fenwick, Programme Leader for Design for Industry and Transportation Design, said: 'Never one to shy away from a tricky project, James launched himself head long into the most complex and emotive of subject areas.

Second it’s wet and very soft, so you can’t get a good feel for anything.

Lastly, when changing it, you aren’t moving that slow so you don’t have unlimited time to make a decision on how to deal with any given situation. It doesn’t take a genius to think about what can happen to a stoma and what it would look like if disease were going to return.

About two to three weeks ago while changing my ostomy, I noticed an off white area on my stoma.

It wasn’t anything big, but was large enough to catch my eye.

The words of Crohn’s or surgery weren’t even mentioned.In 1999, Aaron broke his neck while motorcycle racing. His prognosis was a one in a million chance of ever feeding himself or walking. The “ulcer” was bigger and other areas started to look like more were forming. Here is a picture from above at the other areas I believe ulcers to becoming in.

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Once done changing it I took some pictures and called all my doctors as well as my ostomy nurse. The next day I saw my gastro doctor and he used the “ulcer” word as well. He suggested to try to put an ointment on the area that would help (This was something I wasn’t sure about, how was anything going to stick to my stoma? To keep it short it didn’t and now I was really worried. The next morning I was going to see my ostomy nurse. As great as my doctors are, they don’t see that many stoma’s.

This is the picture I took with my phone the first time I saw it. He went on to explain that an ulcer can have many different meanings and all though it looks like an ulcer it might not be because of IBD.

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