Dating of the mahabharata by dr v vartak

20-Oct-2017 10:09

If not I will encourage you to read or to go to You Tube and listen to his videos. We just went through the triangle and if you thought I just took the example and somehow made it up. How many of you have this experience that you lifted a bucket of water and when you lifted you are surprised because you thought it was filled with water but it wasn’t. In both cases what I am saying is consciously or not we always have these theories or expectations in the back of our mind and when those expectations are startled, we get the problem. And what I did is that I looked at the evidence with the two extremes as either Arbitrary or Selective evidence and at the top is all relevant evidence and the horizontal axis. If it’s objectively testable to that extent it is scientific. Think of the horizontal line below that is bad, above that is good. Ok, there are more than 130 different claims by those many different researchers for the timing of Mahabharata war. Monday is a necessary condition but not a sufficient condition. And and tries to tell him all the negatives about the war and so on. prediction or inference and ‘Aagma’ is the background knowledge and ‘Pramaanadi’ is the explanation or description. Let’s say, you are walking down the stairs and suddenly you stumble and may be sprain your leg and you are surprised and you look back. And, what was happening again you are expecting a step there and it wasn’t there. an explanation to solve that problem and then you work at error elimination. We look at the competition of the theory and then we look at the evidence and see if it matches. If I gave you the recipe, you know for a certain food dish; if you should follow that you would be enabled to get more or less the same outcome. If I claim something, can you or every one of you with least understanding of the astronomy able to repeat what I did and reach the same conclusion? So what I am going to do now is take those two axes, evidence, and testability. It means it is scientific and we were talking outside what is scientific or what is not. Now what I am doing is, I am taking the same circle placing the position of those same stars. We will start here earth axis at an angle pointing towards the sky, NCP a star next to it in our times it Polaris. To this everything will be same except now, except now, earth’s axis will be pointing towards Brahma rishi/Abhijit. Thirteen thousand years ago Brahma rishi/Abhijit was our pole star, not Polaris. That’s how you will see, see if you go backward you will see different years and different stars, they will be considered pole stars. You compute the consequences, the predictions and you compare the consequences with the actual observations, experiments, nature, simulations and you reach the conclusion. You need to ask three questions and this is not about Mahabharata and Ramayana. You need to ask three questions anytime you see a claim. The first question is, you can ask that person what is your ? Then you need to ask two questions again, very straight forward. He says all science problems just start with a guess, you have a problem you try to come out with an explanation. Now, what you do if there are many researchers claiming to have an answer to the same problem? There are more than 800 astronomy references together between Ramayana & Mahabharata and my theory simply says all the astronomy references from these two epics are actual, factual, visual observations of the sky of that time.The speaker, Nilesh Nilkanth Oak is the author of ‘When did the Mahabharata war happen? Now, of course, people ask why bother dating Mahabharata and Ramayana? I have read the subject of history, not just from the perspective of Mahabharata and Ramayana. It feels comfortable making claims and it encourages others and says come and prove me wrong, that’s science.: The Mystery of Arundhati’ and ‘The Historic Rama: Indian civilization at the end of Pleistocene’. But just as a reader of the Subject, I have read for 20 plus years. So, somebody says that’s a coincidence may be one reference not at all, remember there are 215 and you can go just one after another.

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I will quickly mention that if you want to find out the timing of Mahabharata and Ramayana it is not important that you just only stick to astronomy. You can take to geology route, you can take it ecology route any of this. So there are 215 and I put down that plus because I bet there are many more that I might have missed. The whole cycle of the” Precession of equinoxes” takes 26 thousand years. And by luck, it helps us in determining the timing of our ancient events. A number of you might know Krishna tried to create peace, see if he can avoid the war. He mentions many other things and one of the astronomy observation we are going to discuss today is this. There are three stars in that tail and the middle star is Vasishtha, in Indian astronomy and Mizar in western astronomy. It’s called Arundhati, in Indian astronomy and in western astronomy, it’s called Alcor. You will have to wake up very early and the sky has to be of course very clear, so it’s not in Delhi, I guess. He always was convinced that this is a factual observation and tried to test it in three different ways over many years and failed. Pay attention, that line has split that circle into 3 categories. So, when I started working with it, my goal was to see if it is true; my goal was to actually disapprove that date. The first one we can say, that particular curve, we can say the Vasishtha would appear walking ahead of Arundhati and I will show you in few minutes, why? Vasishtha has already gone ahead crossed the meridian, Arundhati is behind. So now back to the triangle of science if you want to bring this all together, what will we do? That anyone of you should able to go back and test it. So, we start with the explanation, what is the explanation? But when somebody finally proved, actually showed that it is possible, the question is, when was it possible, when was the case? So now that I have provided you the evidence, what do you think? I am going to draw a line that goes through Arundhati and Vasishtha and crosses that circle of precession twice. Vartak, one of the four names I mentioned, he proposed it in 1980 sometime. That line has split the circle into 3 different phenomena. Just looking at this picture, will everyone agree that here you would see Vasishtha walking ahead of Arundhati? If you look at the astronomy simulation that vertical green line think of that is 12 o clock in your clock, it’s the meridian in the astronomy. At the meridian both crossing together, no one ahead no one behind. The place of Dhruva Tara is the point A or B and Vasishtha and Arundhati are walking around A or B and all other stars of that area too. And now I am going to draw a line from this point of North Pole in 5561 BC to Arundhati and Vasishtha. Vasishtha yet has to cross meridian and that was the scenario that was happening from 11091 BC until 4508 BC, until 6500 years ago. Those people who thought it is not possible, they said somebody had inserted it.While he starts with basic queries, he stresses on the AV observation and evidence in Mahabharata and Ramayana and conclusively answers the age of the two ancient Hindu texts. I don’t know it exists and we don’t know what to do with it and how to interpret it and so on. I am also convinced that British did a very successful thing in deracinating generations of Indians at least three generations of Indians and I, fortunately, had a chance to go around the world many times, many different places. The question is if someone tells you Lokmanya Tilak, Swatantraveer Savarkar, and Mahatma Gandhi met at Pune in 1923 to discuss the state of British rule in India. And one great mentor of mine says, I started explaining to him, now he understood but he said if you can’t explain in 20 minutes, write a book. A quick summary of it, just like I did on what I showed you in AB observation.

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