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Soon after, Jenny discovers that she is pregnant, and argues with Billy, who accuses her of trapping him into marriage.

Remove the elements of modern custom and an act which hasn't changed in over 50,000 years (I'm guessing this number) is all that remains. The true charm of this film is in the way the (alien) narrator interprets each phase of the mating ritual.Take a random selection of Cosmo bad date stories, string them together and then ask some pompous alien anthropologist to figure out what the hell they think we're up to...that's the premise behind this slight, smart-alecky romantic comedy with extraterrestrial commentary.The human male prefers stories about many people dying quickly." Cheers to this highly original, very funny film!

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Any resemblance to any persons, whether living, dead, or Earthbound is entirely coincidental. You know who you are.) See more » What an original concept!

The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human was written and directed by Jeff Abugov, best known for his work in television on the series The Golden Girls, Roseanne, and Grace Under Fire; the supporting cast includes Lucy Liu, Markus Redmond, and Lisa Rontondi.