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30-Aug-2017 12:48

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The study found that the majority of the men would generally associate the women with lighter hair as being more youthful and attractive in comparison to the women with darker hair.Furthermore, the women with lighter blonde or brunette hair were typically considered as having greater potential as a romantic partner and a parent than those with black locks.The findings disclosed that nine out of ten say a sense of humour is a big factor when choosing a lover.While a quarter of women admitted they would strip off with a man who is funny - even if they aren't attracted to his appearance.

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It even stumped one of the most famous scientists of all time, the naturalist Charles Darwin.

In the end, Darwin gave up the investigation after receiving inconclusive results.

BLONDES may have more fun but brunettes make the better lovers, according to a new survey.

With people having so many dating options thanks to the internet, the temptation to judge a person on every detail could be tempting.

But the survey findings suggest it could be a mistake to judge a potential partner's prowess in bed by their moves on the dance floor.

If you aren't swayed by money when looking for a potential partner, it seems you aren't alone.