Dating a liberal

18-Apr-2017 12:42

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So all y’all liberal ladies, drop your panties and your standards — this one’s on you. She’s sympathetic to the needs of the politically active single woman, acknowledging that the divide goes both ways — Trump-supporting women aren’t looking for Hillary-supporting partners, either.Why did [Trump supporter Michelle] change her mind about politics and dating?“They’re believing all those labels that are just political propaganda. And who thinks there were some very fine Nazis marching in Charlottesville.I can’t be with somebody that just listens to tabloids or nightly news, because there’s a lot of hate being promoted.” Back when I was single, there weren’t a whole lot of bright-line tests in my dating standards. If they weren’t okay with those things, they wouldn’t have voted for the candidate who is basically a mixture of carbon atoms and all of those things.

It is a viewpoint that is as ahistorical as it is dangerous.

entered another article into the “mean Liberals forced good people into embracing an open bigot” sphere of political Trump analysis.

Apr 18, 2017. Since the election, politics have become more of a deal-breaker for both conservative and liberal singles, according to data from a number of popular dating sites. Of the 20,000 D. C. members of dating app The League, two-thirds said finding a partner who shares the same political views has become more.… continue reading »

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Feb 23, 2017. This writer defends liberal women's right to not date Trump supporters. Find out why and how he plans to get America to wake up.… continue reading »

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