Counter strike ze validating game resources

03-May-2017 14:43

-- I appreciate what you've done (actually, what have you done here? Tezero (talk) , (UTC) Yeah, I don't quite know why that happens- if you look in a category, it has a link that will tell you that it can take hours/days/weeks for things to show up sometimes if the category comes from a template on the page.

Something, I know...), but I notice that the Sega categories, at least (technically they're redlinked, but you know), are massively underpopulated. You can force it to populate by doing a "null edit" on the talk page of the article (hit edit then save immediately), and I did that for a bunch of Indie articles, but other than that I guess you just have to wait.

The Effect Of Substrate Types And Particle Sizes on Burrowing Activity The Efficacy of Transitioning Nursing Personnel to Non Service Oriented Positions Within Hospitals: Specifically an Assessment of the Use of Nursing Personnel in the Department of Finance at One City Hospital The Effectiveness of Governor Mario Cuomo's Nutrition Education Program in Increasing the Awareness of all Food Policy Programs and Promoting Better Nutrition for all the Poor, Frail Elderly, and Homeless Population of New York State and Rockland County The Efficacy of Total Cardiac Enzymes in Determining the Admission Status of Patients Suspected of Having Acute Myocardial Infarction: How One Hospital Laboratory Limited the Utilization of an Outmoded Test A Study of the adult, Prehosital, Nontraumatic Cardiac Arrests Treated Through the Suffolk County Advanced life Support System in 1987 and An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Prehospital Endotracheal Intubation in Increasing the number of saves.

Do we have a resident template guru who can add templates to our task force pages (e.g., how MILHIST uses on pages such as Intelligence TF)?

I'd also support hyphenating "action-adventure" in order to match the way it is spelled on the Wikipedia article for the genre.

-Thunderforge (talk) , (UTC)I'm not so sure how I feel about redirecting all of the talk pages of the task forces here.

--Agreed; they absolutely maintain enough vigor to stick around.I have some ideas for how this could go (broadly, removing small, inactive series and keeping/adding main platforms/companies and genres, etc.), but I wanted to get a temperature read first You mean adding class and importance ratings to task force markers? Regarding task force cleanup, I have indeed noticed that most of ours are inactive and would be okay if, after we ask on their talk pages and receive few to no responses, we either merge them back here or relegate them to a separate "old, dusty task forces" subsection alongside our active ones.Tezero (talk) , (UTC) Splitting this into two sections to keep the different discussions from merging into each other.--Nicereddy (talk) , (UTC) , (UTC) How would we deal with the ones of Wiki Projects under our jurisdition, like the Pokémon Species TF? (Sorry for not commenting on any other proposal, organization's far from my strong suit) I like this solution, and I definitely agree with the Talk pages redirect idea.

The Valve Talk page doesn't real get any traffic and discussions don't receive many participants.They fit much more neatly into WP: VG than the Pokémon project would, but plenty of independent Wiki Projects exist that are wholly nestled inside other project's umbrellas.Tezero (talk) , (UTC)Trying to un-derail this conversation (re-rail? As to the questions- merge Atari with retro, mark those 6 as inactive, redirect the talk pages, and do not add new ones right now- without a basis of support right now there's no point. The talk page for the visual novel TF, while less active than it used to be, should probably be kept because it is a joint task force and deals with content from both WP: VG and WP: ANIME.--The proposal looks good overall, but I'm not sure about the inclusion of Mortal Combat and Mega Man within Action & Adventure, especially if we were to hyphenate it into "action-adventure" since that's a distinct genre that doesn't match those games.) under the Nintendo Task Force under Wiki Project Video Games).