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We should also point omt Ihai ^nyor€ wishing lo lahe tssue wllh Ms Broadley on any ol the topics covered may well be refused medk:al insurwce^ AMSTRAD WRONG AGAIN! Quil A why Amstrad should pn X so much money behind the Spectrum is quite beycrid me. ......3.99 Vulcan 399 Waierko.„,.„..,„,„.„3 99 Pegasus Bridge 5.99 Sofcerer Lord .395 Fire Zone ., A9S Tobruk 2.99 Johnny Reb 2 ........

The CPC is p Eatnly the superior machine in every technical respect. ...1 00 Arx Jro KJ 1 99 Alien Syndrof™ ..2.99 Atmagec Won Man.... 1 99 Biggies..,.,,, 1.99 Lords ol Midnight 2.99 Blegger 1 99 Costal Castles .,,....,1.99 Manic Minor... 2.99 Red Arrows .........1.99 Costa Capers 2 99 Equinox ..2.99 Street Fighter 3 99 Bionic Commando ,3.99 Human Ki Uir^ Macfiine..

Minorsoft is on 01 929 s$eena 'i^ h Mory of home oompuier software. Th& firm's success in get- tmg non-game titles into the chaiis 3s ati ed to the software being Sow-cost. These loading speeds could, oombmsd with a CD's immense storage capacity, hold the key to an entirely new generation of CPC applica- tio Di S. ...3.9S AMSTfl APSPi Cl Al OFFefi S Postma Fi Pat .,.„„.

The oiiginal package is now even che costing a mere C2 39 from Sumimt Soltwa indudes a word processor database, sp sheet and busmess graphics programs. we U-w and produced acro^ a wide range of computer^. These aie gone into in more detail in the special CD Games Pack feature on page 3S of this iss:ue, but quite Simply the potenciat is breathtaking. ,2.99 Eag Jes Nest 2,99 Joe BEade 2 2.99 Big Fooi...

Otherwise, Amstrad 's elision ma J^es no sertsa whatsoe¥er. THE LAST Wll Rb I wrtlt tei sufspqrl of Ms Broadiey Uionlly I agree with hw, and ewi wfi»n I doni h^ if m^t often the only sentl Wt ¥Ote«lnttiemagai! Th Js b having a tong^erm effad, the number of women atudylng computing lartously it fillii^ raptrfly T even though the opporlunrliea in com|f belt p FM and t SOIor the beit ismf for |fi« CPC, wtinm bf women, i tmu M show ihal AA realty i^ri$d; h coiitd revere ■ Umi, and »hw Jd be gwd kit Tony ante Lfitoiiltr Tony. your Uev p^btmrn^Ttmrnkiofmismst it t ftftowf fha most tartsr pro- posaf ^^ eter heard o/f It w Qijfd knpty ttmt w^a^mn wtte it KApibt^ of cofnpctirug w Uh Yiu cm tm»gim w Aar t mink of A§ hr jrwr tommmt3 ^bmit AA g Brmt Sfr fm Mtr M t cin*l ijifie tri Vh ycv f Ae^, batm^Mtcwl^ happier imn»ge wf Umut Vw mm&f^ t co MMl Sitt wfft§torm Mm in^aziw tsut AA fs tr Bi Myem best f M ive f^l h0mv& Ar TJSl ,...3.99 Artiencan Football .2 99 Intefdicter Pilot... 1.99 Tripods .1.99 Music Maestro .4 99 Jewels of Babylon ..2.99 Mintfer .199 Gtiost Busters.. 2 99 Maioh Day -..3.96 Tau Ceti ...„,1,99 Scooby Doo...=......

J.99 Mind Shadow ......2.99 Tuba Ruba „,..,.,....„, 1.99 Baitle Tank,.,.,., .......

The only possibility I can thtn S^ of Is that they don t need to push the CPC.

combined tala updating with imsi attach-64

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Child Une The • Festrvt charity collectors i Kiere on hand tq rai$« mon^ fof Clilld LJne.

ninghwi i« 7jut Twi; m\ 625 33aa FRa NT END NEWS*LETTERS 7 11 14 All the latest from the CPC world, REACTION You Sir. Seiling games on compact disc has been tned before Rainbow Aits ^Id a 6-game com- (Mlai Eon on CD for the C64 not so long back, but • Codtmasier^ G#Tiies Pack: 30 games end^ cabit to^ \vrn your CD playvr Into 9 3Mb drive.,.

This, plus the fact that any CD player will let you go straight to a selected track' at will, puts the Gaines Pac}E's perfoi mance more ut line wiih a dusk dnve's. 1 Special Action ...., Et0.50 E13.&9 The Story So Far (Vol .

X3 attempt the same development feat themselves - but which would be more than Interested in paying a small consideration to be able lo use Codemasters' tned and tested methods... the Darimgs have a decision - ihey can either let a golden opportunity slip away, or become a major fori^ m computing. while E2.5 million ts being ihrown ai May on pushing itie Speci Rjfii! ..........199 Rune Stone ,1.00 Yogi Bear „„.,..*...., J .00 Rex 2.99 Caves of Doofn 50 Starglider.

Maybe it's time the Darlings changed gear, especially if they can oon Etnue to turn out high- ly innovative - and supreme! Broadley Brickbats It you ve got anything lo say aboui Ws Broadtey s column, or the op LNons ihetein, «rit6 lo: Broadley Brickbats, Amstrad Action, 4 Queen Street Bath BA11EJ Ms Broadley s opinions are not neces^ffl^ irio$« of the edilorial team. it seems Itiat Ihe CPC ^11 only be advertised in Ihe national press, while th« Spectrum Action Paek will be on the TV. ....„., ,,.2.99 Star Raiders 2 .1.99 Super Hang On 1.99 Super Spnnl..

The show didn't boast any major new launches for the CPC. All orders over £5, Postage & Packing FREE No Overseas orders please- All in stock items despatched by return Please state Amstrad in all orders J^MSTRAD COMP1L4T10WS AMSTWAP COMPEL All O*t S AVST^^D C.0«Pl L*Tl ONS AMSTRAOCOi WUIl OI^S GRAND Pm X SELECTION Champion stiip Sprint, Super Hang On. Dynamjte Dark, Aliens, Cayk Jron2, Eagles Nest £3.95 UNBELIEVABLE Alwn 8, Night Shade, Sabre Willi £2.99 P^AY IT AGAIN Leadert)oard.