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And now, we’re at the point where enough hackers could zero balance a nation; creeps can hack into the camera on your kid’s phone and take pictures; countries are hacking other countries. I really like the people a lot, and love the idea of being on TV, as well as smaller movies. ” Financiers these days are bankers looking at spreadsheets and seeing where people fit, and it didn’t used to be that way, whereas on television, you can craft these really rich, layered female characters.

We’ve opened up this Pandora’s box, and what’s it brought us? Other than that, you’re just bringing insanity into your experience. On any given week, you’d have 8 million people tuning in to Medium, and if that many people bought movie tickets, it’d be the biggest fuckin’ movie that weekend! Also, most of the stories for women are about being young, and desire, and falling in love, while the rest of the parts are usually pretty damn boring, supportive characters.

I had one boyfriend pull my hair, and I immediately broke up with him.

My dad was an alcoholic growing up, so I knew how scary that was from a child’s perspective—the volatility. ” [Laughs]How did you make the filming work while also being the lead on CBS’ Medium? We shot sometimes over weekends, so they’d give me a Friday and a Monday off, I’d fly in Thursday night, we’d rehearse until 1 a.m., and then shoot.

He told me the main plot points and what my character would go through.

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She’s here in New York to promote Boyhood, which could also explain her candor and cheer.So, I can’t find a bathroom for my baby daughter and I’m trapped behind this police blockade, and the parade comes by. Did you and Christian Slater have a romantic fling on True Romance? I said, “Well, I guess I should read a script,” and he said, “I don’t really have a script!” Usually, I’m driven by the director and the script, because by a script you can really tell the tone and where it’s going, but I had total blind faith in this experiment and this collaboration.So I had my son and was really struggling to build my career as a Mom, because his Dad [Paul Rossi] and I broke up when he was a month old. Well, I got a job as a waitress and the day before I showed up, I got a part. Tony Scott saw me in Indian Runner and then called Sean [Penn], who said some really nice things about me, and then brought me in to audition. It was James’ first movie, and he was really in character on the movie so he was literally sleeping in his car in his character’s clothes for days and days. He grabbed a fist full of hair in one take, and we were pretty banged up by the end of it. Some years ago, we were supposed to present together at the Golden Globes, so we did the rehearsal, and they give you all these presents and all that. She was actually afraid of him and trying to starve him to death so he would leave her, but he kills her… He’d done Slacker and Dazed and Confused, both of which I loved.

Sometimes, I’d be like, “OK, I have money for diapers or food… So I called them and said, “Thank you so much for hiring me! They originally wanted to give the part to Drew Barrymore, but I think she turned it down. And True Romance contains one of the most insane fight sequences in movie history between you and James Gandolfini. He was really sweet, but at one point, on his reaction shot when I nail him in the foot with a screwdriver, he wanted me to take this pen that had a cap on it and really jam it hard into his foot, so I did it. Do it harder.” I tried a little harder and he said it wasn’t hard enough, so I said, “Man, I’m an actor! But James was also nominated that night for The Sopranos and he didn’t win, so he left before we presented. ” Unfortunately, I forgot that I’d put on deodorant so poor Josh was lapping that up.. but he can’t remember killing her, because it was in a blind rage. He asked me about my kid, since it was pretty rare that someone that young, as an actress, had chosen to be a Mom, so we discussed it.I thought, “These are all the relationships I’ve done, all the things I’ve gone through, places I’ve gone to and haven’t gone to yet.” I really thought, “This life is short, so grab onto it.” And it was coupled with, “This movie’s finishing?! It’s the best TV script I’ve gotten since Medium, and I think it’s so relevant because we don’t know what the fuck is going on.There’s this cyber world, and we didn’t know that the NSA was tracking our every move.A reporter for Sassy once asked some alternative rockers if they would go out with her, explaining, "It's my theory that boys start bands so they can get famous enough to attract Winona Ryder." Courtney Love once said, "You're no one in music until you have feuded with me or until you sleep with Winona." In short, Winona had her share of fun. Quote: “We went out for two weeks and he broke my heart, or I thought he did at the time.” (Slater maintains he has no idea what she's talking about)Trivia: Slater continues to think highly of Winona, telling a journalist a couple of years ago he doesn't understand the "she's crazy" party line and that he still loved her. I like Natalie Portman."Trivia: Oberst maintains they were just friends. Jamiroquai/Jay Kay (45)Period: 2003Backstory: The musician from that video that tripped everyone out in the 90s had a fling with Winona and no one would've known about it had he not brought it up years later in a gross, dickhead way.

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