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The cylindrical cavity is preferably defined by a cylindrical bore which is provided in the slide and is internally threaded at said one end.

A screw stud threadedly engages the internal threads of the bore and closes said one end of the cylindrical cavity.

A punch backing surface aligned with and facing the opening in the punch retainer is provided on the slide.

The embodiments of the invention in which an exclusive property or privilege is claimed are defined as follows: 1.

In the metalworking industry, it is frequently necessary to pierce one or more holes in a metal workpiece.

This is typically accomplished by moving one or more punches so that each punch pierces the metal object and produces a hole.

The slide is disposed between the legs of the driver and each second cam surface engages a respective first cam surface so that movement of said driver into said cam unit body along said second line moves the slide in one direction along the first line.

A slotlike opening oriented parallel to the first line extends transversely through the slide and communicates with an internal cylindrical cavity within the slide, which cavity also extends parallel to the first line.


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This invention relates to a device for operationally supporting a metalworking die or tool and, more particularly, to a device for supporting a punch in a press and for effecting movement of the punch in one direction in response to movement of the press in another direction.

The cavity is preferably substantially cylindrical and has its axis extending parallel to the first direction.

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