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09-Jan-2017 13:06

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Featured Book John Townsend and Henry Cloud Dating scene got you down? Discover how to take responsibility for your life, behavior, and values as God intended.

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I think that’s more of an individual application of that general principle that part of parenting is helping our kids be married well. troubled or need encouragement, I would ask you to call us.the kingdom of God and that He would add all these things unto you. So, when Jean feels low, I say, “Man, God knows your heart and He knows your heart is for Him.” And that for us, was at least, one good decision that we made in our 20s. And I think both Jean and I separately without knowing each other, we were putting that Scripture, that Scripture forward. Gary, it’s great to have you back at Focus on the Family. You know, Gary, I was thinking about our chat last time and ... But nothing melts a mother’s heart like seeing her husband love on her kids. And Gary, we’ve talked a lot about character last time and this time and again, if you didn’t hear last time’s discussion, I’d encourage you to go to the website and download it or get the CD, ‘cause it was powerful. It’s found in Galatians through 23, when it compares acts of the sinful nature with the fruit of the Spirit. To live with somebody who is calm because they trust in the Lord is such a blessing.