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The high intensity workouts are so effective they send your metabolic rate through the roof, and it stays elevated even after you finish training, while your body adapts and recovers.Slowly bring your foot back down to the mat, lightly tapping the toe, and repeat.Some of the most notable systems released during this generation were the Super Famicom/Super Nintendo Entertainment System (1990), the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis (1988), and the Neo Geo (1990).

The decade began amidst a boom in the arcade business with giants like Atari still dominating the market since the late-1970s.Forget a few weights and a smoothie bar, when the A-listers want to work out, they head to Bodyism - an exclusive and swanky gym where membership can cost as much as £22,000 a year.The wellness Mecca, situated on Westbourne Grove in London, is the brainchild of James and Christiane Duigan of Clean and Lean fame, and attracts a roll call of famous faces.Interval training workouts, where you alternate short bursts of high and low intensity exercise for a maximum of 45 minutes, create something called an EPOC effect (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption, also informally known as "the afterburn effect").

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Rita's always on the stage, so when they have someone really energetic like her at the club, training is predominantly based around boxing and interval training drills which alternate periods of high and low intensity effort.

When you jet off on holiday as much as Rita Ora does, you need a very extensive swimwear collection!

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