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And with a fake tan that could blind a man at 30 yards, surely someone must have seen him. It’s the morning after the launch party of his tell-all book, Laid in Chelsea, and when we finally do catch up 24 hours later, it all becomes clear: “Oh God, I think I’m still hungover,” he gushes.

“It was a complete write off yesterday.” And who can blame him for getting stuck into the vintage bubbly?

But this book, which is beyond ridiculous at times, is never going to be for everyone...

"So then I decided it was time to cut off the hair," he writes. Was I really going to lose those locks that I’d spent the past 10 years growing? Was it cathartic to revisit old loves and to relive the traumas again?

As anyone who admits to seeing an episode will testify, many of the characters are not immediately likeable and appear to spend their days doing… An awful lot of sitting around in bars and cafes on the King’s Road goes on, the awkward silences only broken when someone says, “Beaut, really beaut” to which the response is inevitably, “Totes, babe, totes.” It’s not exactly the material upon which bestsellers hinge.

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Not with me, but things have gone to a new level in a very serious way,” he warns.

Instead he has penned an amusing, if occasionally stomach turning, account of his sex life that's long on self-deprecation.

“You hear of all these awful celebrity autobiographies and they’re just rubbish," he says. The mistake that many celebrity "authors" make is to believe that the public are interested in their lives per se when of course all anybody really wants to hear about is the scandal, the heartbreak and the gory details.

"They’re not funny and people don’t even read them. Essentially they take themselves too seriously, a charge that can't be levelled at Locke, who refers to himself as “an idiot” throughout the interview and writes candidly about his disastrous record between the sheets.

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I was desperate to add as much humour to the book as I could." Take the time he meets Rachel Stevens of S Club 7 fame: "After several large glasses of wine I was convinced she’d be interested in a 17-year-old virgin with little or no prospects..." he writes. “I’m happy to give away as much as I can about my sex life because I think that’s what people want to know and it’s comedy. “I just really wanted to make a book that everyone will love.” Of course he does.You can avoid the press as much as you want, but going to nightclubs is part of what we do [for the show],” he says.That press interest is likely to intensify with news that he is in a relationship with another of the Made in Chelsea cast, Ashley James. He assures me that their relationship will be played out in full during the next series, which threatens to be as absurd as ever.Continuing the conceit the two kiss in front of a contemporary collage with a figure holding the sign “love is the answer”.

Jun 12, 2013. We always thought that, as far as you could get along with Spencer Matthews, Oliver Proudlock had it sussed. But, in a new interview with Now! Magazine, the Made In Chelsea star has seemingly taken a swipe at his co-star, saying "Spencer is the worst!" We need some context here; what's going on?… continue reading »

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Dec 18, 2012. Made in Chelsea episode ten Mark Francis's 50s glamour party. Binky regrets sleeping with Andy, Jamie gets in everyone's way and Francis finds out Sophia and Proudlock have split up. Daisy Wyatt · @daisy_wyatt; Tuesday 18 December 2012 GMT.… continue reading »

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Dec 11, 2015. I gave birth to a Beautiful baby boy - our little angel a love like no other xxx — Sophia Sassoon @sophiasassoon December 10, 2015. Prior to Frances, Sophia dated Spencer Matthews and was involved in a love triangle between Frances and Oliver Proudlock.… continue reading »

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