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As brutal as that bump was, it wasn’t as bad as the emotions I was trying to lion tame with a bloody steak and no whip at that precise moment. I can’t tell if she wants to save me or excorcise her charity as a fuck you. My mother – who I thought me – calls me repeatedly and I ignore every single one while researching nonsense on Myspace. Imagine oranges in 2 separate pairs of socks with one bouncing back and forth and the other in a circle. In the past, issues involving loss of face were often dealt with by revenge or suicide.” Jeffrey Hays Tokyo, also known as the Eastern Capital, is a beautiful florescent empire in neon and plasma.

Her response was a Cover Girl look of not impressed. She’s reaching out to me and I won’t let her as I fear the judgement that will Trojan horse it’s way into my life as motherly love. And for the 1st time that Thanksgiving week I genuinely smiled, and swore of oranges forever. As far into the future as the ever present technologies of their daily modern lives go, their traditions are based in roots deeper than the shallowness of our Western philosophies and arrogant appearances.

I also saw the foreign women that came in from all over Africa and other 3rd world countries because Japanese businessmen spend fortunes on the touch of an “ethnic” girl, and how in some marriages a stop at the Blow Job Store before you got home was widely accepted and encouraged.

I saw these mega video gambling malls where the prize was a basket of ball bearing, and pet adoption stores that kept the animals in what appeared to be vending machines.

Hopping from cab to cab, running in and out of every bar or club with another roll of twenty dollar bills crammed sloppily into a cheap leather wallet with Velcro on it. I no longer say good bye and just walk out on people mid conversations. I go from being a dance floor vampire to turning into a DUI victim in need of a blood transfusion. After several months the missing female hoodie would turn into a male v neck sweater to a jacket. So I will totaly fight the brutal honesty about the current direction of my life for a warm place to stay.

I don’t even want to do any more coke nor do I want to give anymore away. Alex was one third of the rap group and a key holder to the loft I was squatting in. Till This day I’m not sure if Alex even knows what he lost. I rape my phonebook down to the last entry looking for a place to crash but it’s 2006 and Apple still haven’t invented the emoji for crickets. I will have a side of my pathetic excuse of a “pride” with my Thanksgiving dinner.

Now imagine microphone feedback, piercing the air and giving you a sharp migraine as your hands blindly try to the block the source of the sound. Smelling like cheap booze is not exactly frowned upon in a Hispanic family.

I was fairly coherent and, to my wilted knowledge, was completely able to fufill the day’s appointments. I looked so deep into her eyes – behind her iris and into the thoughts she had back when she was a child filled with fear and wonder.

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I blow out my nose, my insides oblitherating the spit ball I called a napkin.This was the 2nd time in 2 days where I was accused of something when I was “innocent”. I’m standing outside of somewhere in South Williamsburg waiting for a cab to no where. After exhausting every possibility imaginable, I give up and decide to call my ex girlfriend with the weird boobs and the one bedroom she recently kicked me out of. I take the train from one part of Brooklyn, into Manhattan, and all the way over to her apartment back in the leather patches on your sports coat with a job in finance part of Brooklyn.I call her from a corner deli right outside her place.with lord knows who and for however long man measures time. The stranger is eager for me to leave as my promise of returning excites him like a man with stumps for hands catching a boomerang. I check how many cellular minutes I have on my work phone.