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Our decisions matter.” Skill #3—Money Management "I make change happen!

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Consequently, the sex ratio tends to reduce as age increases and among the elderly, there is usually a greater proportion of females.For example, the male to female ratio falls from 1.05 for the group aged 15 to 65 to 0.70 for the group over 65 in Germany, from 1.00 to 0.72 in the United States, from 1.06 to 0.91 in mainland China, and from 1.07 to 1.02 in India.In the United States, the sex ratios at birth over the period 1970–2002 were 1.05 for the white non-Hispanic population, 1.04 for Mexican Americans, 1.03 for African Americans and Indians, and 1.07 for mothers of Chinese or Filipino ethnicity.When you buy delicious Girl Scout Cookies, you’re helping to power new, unique and amazing experiences for girls—experiences that broaden their worlds, help them learn essential life skills, and prepare them to practice a lifetime of leadership.

And guess what—100 percent of the money stays local! (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ within to do amazing things for herself and for her community. " “We're all about trying new things and having fun. My friends and I work together to set our team goal for the season; maybe we'll donate to our local animal hospital or go on an adventure. But what we do with the money we earn is even greater.” Skill #2—Decision Making "I make smarter decisions." “When I sell cookies with my Girl Scout forever friends, we make our own decisions, like how many boxes we want to sell.

And I know each box sold gets us one step closer to our goal.” Skill #4—People Skills "I get a lifetime supply of confidence in every box." “I've met so many new people at our cookie booth.